Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nothing Can Prepare You

Nothing can prepare you for the modeling world. No one can tell you what it's going to be like, because once you get there yourself, you'll probably find that many feelings, events and must-do's don't match what was described. 

Some, however, will remain true. In that you should get a proper model portfolio, black and sized for 8x10 inch photos. Or remain kind to everyone you meet, making great connections. That comparing yourselves to the other beautiful women and men in the room at a casting call is the worse thing to do. And that the best thing to do is to remain friendly, smile, and connect if you feel it's appropriate. 

Alas, I ramble. 
The point I'm trying to make is a simple and common one. 
The experience of pursuing a modelling career varies per person. Because everyone is different!
I know we all HEAR this a lot. But do we really understand it?

I will try to illustrate this point through a string of relating experiences, while also announcing good news if you haven't already heard it!

Ok, let's get started.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Results Results

Happy Beautiful New Year Everyone!

I realize there is only a week left in February and that I'm a bit late to say that, but I noticed that I haven't posted anything since September last year! 

How are every one's goals/ambitions/dreams/life changing decisions going?
I know it's easy to forget about the adventures you set out to pursue, sometimes even two weeks into the New Year.

Those new, sparkly ideas of a new blank slate, ideal future or advancement in your current goals always seem promising.
So when the days get rough, or the storm refuses to let up, don't get downtrodden!
Don't let those small bumps let you loose sight of the next 10 months you have left to make a difference.
Or even for the next 10 years!

I only can say this without feeling corny or that it's something that's over said because this is something I've experienced recently.

I will describe more in my next post, but to keep it short, I know that I've been putting many of my model dreams and goals off. That I know it was a shame to, but I didn't really care.

Well, now I do. Which is why I'm writing this post and continuing with something I felt would be better left undone. 
Just because I haven't posted anything since last year, doesn't mean I can't post now.

Which is what I'm going to do. 

Ok.. So I'm not sure if you all remember that post about how difficult it is to be left picking out your own wardrobe for your own shoots? The pressure and confidence you must have?

Well, I realized I never posted the results!!
This is from that time I went shopping.. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Part 2: Exercise - New Challenges New Dreams

Now that you've seen what I've been doing with my diet, one of the many steps I'm taking for my new measurement goal, I can now show you what I've been doing for fitness!

I've never been a steady or serious gym person, and never dabbled in sports long enough to call it a hobby. However, I've always loved to keep in shape through fun activities, like beach volleyball, swimming, basketball, hiking, wilderness adventures, etc. The form of fitness where you don't even know you're working out!
But I've never done it continuously enough and repetitively enough to consider it personal fitness. 

In my exercise experimenting, I've been mixing all kinds of new youtube yoga videos, online exercise guides, my boyfriend's expertise from playing baseball, tennis and track, common workouts, etc. 

I had to close my gym membership, just because I couldn't afford it on my current keeping-my-schedule-open-for-casting-calls lifestyle, but have learned to work around it.

So this means that all things are done within the space of my bedroom, living room, yard, or Oahu island. 

To start, I'll introduce you to one of my new best friends, the stretchy band! I mainly use this for a good butt and leg workout, using it in various ways. If I miss doing a main 30-60 minute workout, I at least do the below exercises everyday or every other day.  

These side leg exercises are great for toning your butt and upper thigh (or so I've been told). I used to do 15 reps, but now I try to do 20 or 25 reps every time I do it. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Photoshoots, Harder Than I Thought!

I've learned a lot these past couple of days about what it takes to be a model. 
Presenting yourself as a model to the agency and to companies, you need your own shots and your own portfolio. Once you are signed or have a couple of jobs, you'll be able to expand your portfolio more and that's when someone else styles you and takes care of your make up and/or hair.

But before that, it's all on you. Things from your closet, friends or stores is all you got. You could pay someone to be your stylist for the shoot, and they'll bring you lots of outfits to try on and test out, without the burden of shopping yourself and spending lots of money. However, even if the stylist brings you these awesome outfits, they take it all back with them when it's done, leaving you with nothing gained (wardrobe wise) to use for later.

I'm not sure if it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I believe I lack a bit of fashion sense and when it comes to coordinating outfits, I mix and match styles and mainstream items so much that it becomes a blended, loose mess! (When in my mind, it doesn't look that bad)

So when I did my photo shoot with Street Pulse Magazine on Monday and my other shoot for my comp cards yesterday, the things I struggled with the most was.. WHAT THE HECK ARE MY OUTFITS GOING TO BE?? What's lifestyle? Can I wear pants for that? Or should I show my legs instead? Is it Pajamas? Or Banana Republic? Or American Eagle style? How about layered? Is that 2 or more pieces of clothing? Does that mean a jacket, a cardigan AND shirt? whaaat??
All of a sudden, things that I thought I understood inside and out, came right back around and bit me on the butt. I was left to being guided blindly by people I trust in this media/fashion industry to coordinate my outfits, looks, style and etc. 

That's when I went to Brandy & Melville, where one of my hairdresser's girls work. We were looking for lifestyle and/or layered, but that all depended on how much time I had to do so.. we went through outfits like this; (please pardon the hair and face, it's dressing room ready!)

it doesn't look it, but these are two different sweater tops

My hairdresser really liked

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Part 1: Diet - New Challenges, New Dreams.

In reference to my previous post and common proverbs, There is also a saying that once dreams or goals come true, what you should do next, is make a new one. And as my dream of being a signed model came true, I've found the end of the video game hasn't come yet and time keeps ticking!
It's like I won a car, but now I'm not sure where to drive it to. 

So I analyzed what I want to do, and know that I definitely want to model in Japan. I was planning on going there separately from the agency next Spring, until I mentioned that to my agent, and she mentioned if I toned up, she could recommend me to the agents and offices they have there. OH MY GOSH, not only could I model in Japan, but it could be done securely through Wilhelmina! 

However, because Japan has such strict regulations and rules for their models and people in the entertainment industry, I'd have to change my shape and tone ALOT. I was already working out since I signed the contract, knowing that even though I'm not overweight, the camera adds pounds when pictures become 2D, and that I'm a marketing tool, advertising products, so I need to maintain a healthy muscle/fat balance. 

That's when I realized, the reason I have an agent as well is to ask them questions when I'm unsure. I emailed asking what would be some ideal measurement numbers, specifically for Japan, just so I could have an idea. 

The reply was an inch lost in the waist and 2 in the hips would be best.

So just like that, I had a new goal. A new Dream. I finally found my direction!

I'm glad they're numbers, because working out just for "overall fitness" is hard! It made me kind of aimless and not as committed because nothing really suffered if I didn't. But numbers, these numbers and things that can be measured with a measuring tape, can be written down in journals, planners, walls, and something I can scream in my head while I'm doing that 99th squat, they exist so they are more of a realistic goal. 

Crazy movie! (courtesy of

I've been told by some that my body, physically, is just big boned for Japan. And I know this too.. I've also watched a documentary called "Girl Model", on the 2 Russian girls who became models in Japan, but because it was so strenuous and stressful for them, they made themselves eat sweets and candy so that they could be kicked out of their strict contract. Because their measurements changed by half a centimeter or so, they were dropped. Insane!

(courtesy of

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dreams Really Do Come True!

So big news everyone!! I'm not a plus size model (although I think that would have been a fun path too), but a model with an agent! With not only "an" agency, but "the" agency, Wilhelmina Hawaii! I feel so incredibly lucky, and blessed indeed.

The story of how this happened is pretty, well, fun. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

TokiDoki and Simone Legno!!

Do you know what Toki Doki is? I'm sure you do! It's my favorite brand! And soon, Simon Legno, the creator will be sitting right here! <br>

And there he is! I got to meet him! Oh I never thought that would be possible, so happy to see it is.
Because he has such a huge impact on my life on art, creativity and dream pursueing, I painted this as a thank you to him to let him know how much of a difference he makes in people lives.

Not only that, but I got to meet real kool people at this event too and make new friends! All thanks to Tokidoki.
Part of the event and payment got you a signature from Simone Legno himself! I chose not paper, but a DIY unicorno, that is now signed and designed by him! The one made for me is the one on the left. eee!!

With over 100 people in line, only half way done and many more signatures to go, I still sheepishly asked if he could do a quick and easy signature for a friend of mine who was sick that day. Tired, but with a smile, said yes and went with it.
What an awesome guy!
Meeting him showed me that heros are real, that true heros are kind, patient, motivated and determined. By taking his creativity, dream and a bit of imagination, he made to where he is today and I am so glad he did.

Thank you Mr. Simon, meeting you has re-inspired me to never give up and to keep dreaming! You're welcome to come back to Hawaii anytime. Much Mahalo~!